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Timothy Titsworth, Music Production Lead

Timothy Titsworth, Music Production Lead

Sharon Conrad, Cooking and Nutrition Lead

Sharon Conrad, Cooking and Nutrition Lead

Producer/Engineer Tim Titsworth hails from the US, and has provided his talents on a plethora of projects in Chicago, Seattle, New York City, and London. As a music professional he has over 25 years of music production experience combined with over 15 years as an educator of students ranging from primary to university level. Tim has had the pleasure of working with some of the top names in the music industry including R. Kelly, Ice Cube, and Farley “Jackmaster” Funk. In addition, he has written and produced several pieces of music for television and film which has been utilized on a variety of television shows including The Housewives of Atlanta, Say Yes to The Dress, and Food Network’s Chopped.

Our music programme centres on the development of project management skills through music production and the business of music. Members have the opportunity to write, record and perform musical pieces, gain music production tech skills, engage collaboratively with other artists and learn facets of music promotion and marketing.

Please watch this space for information on our music course and collaborative music model with Finding Rhythms Charity

Sharon brings her great love of food and cooking, teaching experience and knowledge as an Associate Nutritionist to Only Connect.

She believes that everyone should be able to access tasty food and know how to cook a basic nutritious meal…...it brings people together, encourages independence and can keep you healthy. Sharon enjoys sharing her passion for cooking and encourages the Members to venture into the kitchen and get creative ….it can be fun! 

In addition to working in the community Sharon also leads an accredited nutrition and exercise course in custody.  Group discussions and sharing ideas to improve knowledge and encourage healthier, practical and sustainable lifestyle habits.

Please watch this space for information on our

  1. Accredited course: Keep well, fit and healthy

  2. Group/Lunch hub cooking

  3. One to one cooking skill sessions