Only Connect and Catch22

Only Connect joined the Catch22 family in October 2015, when Catch22 acquired us wholesale. The organisations have a strong shared heritage, developing ideas and exploring the future of public services together for several years. Collaboration began with Chief Executives Chris Wright and Danny Kruger, but through time spread through both organisations, building relationships, partnerships and results.

Only Connect continues to operate independently, retaining its brand, board of trustees, premises and charity number and will operate as wholly owned distinct business ‘unit’ within Catch22’s group structure. Only Connect benefits from Catch 22’s strategic support, and from its scale. All current frontline services and programmes that are funded or contracted will remain unchanged.

This move was designed as a demonstration of a new type of relationship between charities, in which smaller organisations are enabled to keep their identity and autonomy but to operate at scale through the support of larger, established partners.