Member Testimonial

My name is Andre and I am writing about my experience of becoming a service user of Only Connect. I first heard about your organisation during my time in prison where it was explained that through engaging, I would be supported with finding employment/training, applying for ID, updating my CV and preparing a disclosure letter.      

 As a serving prisoner at the time, I viewed this as an opportunity to make constructive use of my time, consider what I want to achieve upon my eventual release and take advantage of the support available.

 Throughout the past 4 months I have been engaging with Francesca, a case worker at Only Connect. During this time, Francesca has been extremely supportive in helping me to rebuild my life. For example, considering what it is I want to achieve and assisting me with setting out mini goals,  researching  different construction agencies that take on ex offenders, arranging telephone interviews and regularly checking on how I am adjusting after a long absence.

Working with Francesca has enabled me to fulfil my potential and realise that despite having a criminal record, through determination and motivation anything is possible. I have been released from prison 4 weeks now and already through the services of Only Connect have secured full time employment, a provisional licence and an up to date CV

I would therefore encourage anyone who is serious and passionate about positively changing their lives to get in contact with Only Connect. They have helped me to think positively and with reintegrating back into the community.


Savi Uppal