Feeding A Crowd

Last week we had an amazing Music Event at the centre to give the Members who were working with Tim an opportunity to showcase their hard work and talent.

Music and Food are an obvious pairing. Members involved in the cooking project here at Only Connect out did themselves by creating outstanding and delicious canapés for a hungry crowd.

Tasked with producing ‘posh’ canapés, the guys really took on the challenge. Over the course of 2 days 3 Members were busy with me cooking and preparing all the fiddly ingredients, garnishes and sprinkles for 400 canapés. Lots of tasting to achieve the right balance of flavours was important. Not only to ensure that the food tasted good but for the Members to be part of the process and be able to describe the canapés flavours and textures to the ‘diners’.

This type of cooking was alien to them and the attention to detail with presentation tested their patience. It was a complete team effort and it was great to see the pride they felt of the finished items. Anthony put together some fantastic smoked salmon on rye topped with dill, Keiron prepared around 200 crostini bases and made the very addictive rum truffle treats and Walid amazed himself by making a gorgeous smoked mackeral with horseradish cream that was served with pickled radishes. The food looked absolutely beautiful.

Serving the canapés, mingling with the guests and discussing the ingredients gave an important opportunity for the Members to see and hear the reactions to their efforts.

Incredible, amazing, moreish and very professional comes to mind.


red cabb canapes on board.jpg

Red cabbage canapes

canapes on slate.jpg

Selection of canapes


Canapes service

Sharon Conrad