OC Volunteers - Hear about their experience

At Only Connect we have always been very proud of our wonderful volunteers. We couldn’t do our work without them and are grateful for every hour they give to us.

We asked Moyo, one of our student placements to answer a few questions about her experience.

Why did your decide to do your placement with OC?

I first found out about Only Connect through a fellow student who had done their placement here. After researching about the organisation, I came to appreciate their values and ambitions to change around the lives of ex-offenders.

What does a normal day look like for you, assuming there are normal days at OC?

A normal day at OC consists of me hounding probation officers for details of their clients or chasing up Members who sometimes neglect to call or text back. Other than that, as I have settled at OC, I usually have Members come in on a regular basis.

What was the scariest moment at OC?

The scariest thing that has happened to me so far was a client who previously had issues at OC was confrontational on the phone.

What was your best moment at OC?

My best moment is hands down watching one of my Members working in the music studio and showing off their incredible skills. Just being able to watch and then confirm to them that they have so much potential and that it should not go to waste was such a humbling experience for me.

What have you learnt from your experience?

I have learnt so much whilst being here at OC, I could go on forever. Just being able to case work, something that does not come easy to everyone, is a huge accomplishment for me. Working with individuals from troubled backgrounds and implementing ways to improve their lives has become a major learning experience. The fact that people come into the centre and place all their hopes in me to actively improve their situation has been a big thing for me to comprehend.

If you would like to volunteer for us please click here and let us know about your availability.

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