Making the most of seasonal ingredients

Only Connect Members get busy in the kitchen cooking lunches for the office staff, keeping them fed and fuelled whilst practising useful skills to keep themselves and their families nourished.

What’s in season?
Fresh food is supplied weekly to Only Connect from the food waste charity, The Felix Project, but we never know what’s in store. During 2018 we have enjoyed the challenge of transforming a heap of globe artichokes, masses of mushrooms, piles of red peppers, stacks of juicy strawberries and more.

We have roasted, pickled, jammed and crumbled, researching tasty recipes and meals to use up the gluts. Regular favourites have been the crumbles; apple, plum, banana and even grape. Our Members loved tucking in and were feeling chuffed to have learnt how to make these sweet delights from scratch.

By cauli what’s that? You could be forgiven for not recognising a knobbly celeriac, a Romanesco cauliflower or a prickly pear. Creating dishes to use unusual and unknown fruits and vegetables has been an education and fun, but getting the Members to try them was challenging.

Eventually though, many caved in to curiosity and continual badgering. Beetroot falafels, avocado dressing and courgette loaf made it on the menu and pleasantly surprised a few non believers!

Pumpkins dominated the menu one autumn week as a star main course. Lots of varieties and shapes of pumpkin and squash drew several strange looks, but were soon demolished by hungry punters. These were served whole, baked and stuffed with rice and spices and as a velvety warming soup.

Plus 5 A Day
By experimenting and learning new dishes to cook with the abundance of fresh fruit and veg each week our Members hopefully gain a little more confidence in the kitchen and a lot more love for nutritious food.

It can be difficult to keep up with the recommended 5 portions each day of fruit and veg so researching new ideas can inspire us all.

Eating seasonally can also help to keep the cost down of eating more healthily. These foods are not only their most plentiful but their ripest and sweetest when they’re in season and full of a variety of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

So, what’s in season for 2019 I wonder?